Get outdoors, but stay safe!

We’ve had some pretty rubbish weather in the UK this week, with a lot of frost and fog. This morning was particularly foggy and slippery out there, and when I looked out of the window I wasn’t really up for a run, but knowing how good it makes me feel, and how I need the time for myself, I pushed myself out the door. Not before I made sure I was visible though!

I’ve seen so many runners on dark evenings or in bad weather, like today, out there in poorly chosen clothing. It may give you a good silhouette (black is slimming as we know), and hide all those lumps and bumps, but dressing in black in poor visibility is just silly, and can be dangerous. So, I made sure I was hi-vis in my choice of running gear, and was confident I could get on with my run and people could see me. I also sent the husband out in a hi-vis vest ­čÖé

So even though I didn’t fancy it, the run was so refreshing, gave me time to think, and has set me up for the day. It has also made me feel a little bit better about the over-indulgence which I have enjoyed over the last few days……

So go on, don’t use the weather as an excuse – get out of the central heating, away from the TV and get some fresh air and exercise. I guarantee you it will make you feel better! Just make sure you stay safe and visible.





Approach life like a child

I’m learning a lot at the moment, as I take more time to think about things and step back from the demands of a full time career. Spending every day with two small children is a real joy, and although it can be full on and sometimes a little ‘groundhog day’, I ┬áthink we can take a lot from the way children approach life.

My little girl has just learnt to walk (here comes the fun!), and is busy following her toddler brother around at full speed! Just watching her over the last few weeks has made me think we could all do with adopting her approach – she would stand, and fall, get up,…… stand, and fall, get up ……stand, and fall over and over again. And yes whilst there were tears some of the time, in the main she just got on with it until she was successful. And she was so pleased with her self when she managed a few steps and was applauded by others.

As adults I think we tend to give up much more easily than we did as a child. Some of that comes from self confidence and being beaten down over the years, but we really should remind ourselves of our abilities and strength to succeed more often.

Children also throw 100% into tasks, and will keep doing things until they succeed, even if it is really dull. Sometimes, once they have achieved it they just move on and don’t do it again – proving it really is about just being able to do it. They are full of enthusiasm and vigour when they try something, and do so with a smile (most of the time!).

So I am going to try and approach those dull, hard, have-to-be-done tasks with a child’s attitude – and see how I get on! Watch this space…….