Get outdoors, but stay safe!

We’ve had some pretty rubbish weather in the UK this week, with a lot of frost and fog. This morning was particularly foggy and slippery out there, and when I looked out of the window I wasn’t really up for a run, but knowing how good it makes me feel, and how I need the time for myself, I pushed myself out the door. Not before I made sure I was visible though!

I’ve seen so many runners on dark evenings or in bad weather, like today, out there in poorly chosen clothing. It may give you a good silhouette (black is slimming as we know), and hide all those lumps and bumps, but dressing in black in poor visibility is just silly, and can be dangerous. So, I made sure I was hi-vis in my choice of running gear, and was confident I could get on with my run and people could see me. I also sent the husband out in a hi-vis vest 🙂

So even though I didn’t fancy it, the run was so refreshing, gave me time to think, and has set me up for the day. It has also made me feel a little bit better about the over-indulgence which I have enjoyed over the last few days……

So go on, don’t use the weather as an excuse – get out of the central heating, away from the TV and get some fresh air and exercise. I guarantee you it will make you feel better! Just make sure you stay safe and visible.





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