Retox, don’t detox!

We spend most of December overindulging with all the foods and drinks we try to eat in moderation throughout the rest of the year. And sure, we enjoy that period of having glasses of sparkle and wine whilst out socialising, enjoying them with canapes, snacks, cheese and sweet treats. Not to mention the boxes of chocolates that seem to be lying around everywhere – at home, in the office, even in shops at the counter, and I even saw them at the gym! Why do we think to is acceptable to eat so many of those little chocolate delights in one go throughout December?


Anyway, by the beginning of January, I for one feel a bit sugared out and lethargic, mainly because I have over-indulged. Yes, I kept up with my exercise routine, but like many others I used it as an excuse to allow the indulgence…….Anyway, it means that for a lot of us we have depleted our bodies of the vitamins and nutrients is needs and we need to work on getting the balance back.

image2-2So many people talk about January as being a bit of a detox, with many giving something up for the month (dry January etc.). I like to think of it more as a ‘retox’ month – getting those vitamins, minerals and nutrients back into my system. I’m working on:

  • Upping my juices (natural, home-made and full of fruit and veg);
  • Increasing my water intake (this also keeps me full);
  • Cooking healthy fresh (easy) meals – my favourite being poached eggs, avocado and spinach, full of Vitamin B, Iron and Vitamin D;
  • Reducing my refined sugar intake, so swapping sweets for fruit and nuts; and,
  • Getting outdoors everyday, regardless of the weather.

It’s not always easy, but the results are worth it – clearer skin, more energy, better focus and generally feeling healthier. So give it a go – think about the changes you are making as positive introductions to your body and lifestyle, rather than depriving yourself. And don’t deprive yourself – we all need a treat now and then 🙂

Retox, don’t detox!


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