It’s never too late!


Do you ever hear yourself saying ‘if only I’d tried something different……or taken a different path…….I wish I could be a…..what if I’d just tried to…..’ etc. etc.

We often lust after things we don’t have, or want to be something else in life, or try something new – but quite often we create excuses as to why we can’t do it.

Why? What’s stopping us from trying that new hobby, making plans to start a new career, just getting out there and doing whatever it is we want to do?

In this current world of social media, there are so many ‘perfect looking lives’ out there – pretty young women, or chiselled young men depicting their busy, happy, clean-eating, varied-exercising hobby-filled perfect lives all presented in perfect looking ‘unfiltered’ natural looking photographs. Now in reality, we all know that most people will take 100 selfies to be happy with the one to post, and then it will be filtered and even if they are having a rubbish day, they will still smile and look like life is wonderful. However, being reminded that youth, beauty and all round perfectness is key in this world, it does dent your confidence (well it does mine) most of the time, and it makes you question whether you really can change, take the risk, have a go and do something you really want to.

Mostly in my case it comes down to confidence, but often I do have this niggling thought at the back of my mind that maybe it’s a bit to late to take a risk, which I know just sounds silly. It is NEVER too late to try something new!



I often hear people say ‘it’s too late for me now, I’m too old to change career, or to try that new hobby’ because they are fearful that they will fail and they will do so in the company of those beautiful young people who look like they are enjoying the career change or hobby they hanker after. I confess, I have heard myself think it in my head, and whilst I don’t believe it, it is a nagging doubt that is another dent on your confidence.

And then I look around me, and I see people going for it, taking the risk, trying something new. And what happens? They enjoy it! Even if they fail, or realise it’s not for them.

You are NEVER too old to try something new – as long as your heart is still beating and you are still breathing, the world is full of possibilities! Life is short and it’s meant to be enjoyed. Take the risk, make a change, be brave – and enjoy the result!

PS I’m going to take that advice 🙂


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